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Case study on finding a Dominant Domain using SpamZilla

Spamzilla is a cloud-based application that scrapes out lists of auctioned and expired domains and analyzes each domain using its own proprietary technology to eliminate previously exploited or misused domains.

SpamZilla helps you to buy an expired domain which has hefty backlink profile. So, that you don’t have to go back to the drawing board and work on the link building.

Since those domains might have already been indexed in Google or may have strong backlink profile, you can spend your precious time in focusing on content creation and solving other business problems, rather spending all time in link building.

It looks like a piece of cake. Isn’t it?

Well, it is not child’s play.

There are plenty of expired domains available in the market but majority of them are either spammy or earlier exploited domains, and using such kind of domain will do more harm than good. Due to this, it is very essential to spot the clean, quality domain, which is tough row to hoe.

Here, SpamZilla welcome you with the open arms.

The Spamzilla is my favorite saas tool to identify quality domain and the best thing is it doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg.

So, let’s start a case study to analyze how SpamZilla can help you to purchase a dominant domain in your niche. After all, Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Isn’t it?

Let’s hit the road.

What are expired domains and why they are gold mine?

Like its name states they are domains whose owner has failed to renew it. There are dozens of possible reasons for this: Perhaps the owner has forgotten to renew, maybe his payment method or credit card has not been approved, it may be due to the fact that the owner has shut down the business, or possibly the owner no longer needs the domain name.

One thing that drives folks to buy expired domains is that they would retain their previous SEO value and ranking potential, something that can be leveraged in many ways. For instance, if you have a domain that has existed around for a decade and has many backlinks, then you will have a great quantity of links available for use.

Below are some ways you can use expired domains:

301 (Moved Permanently) redirection

If you want to get link juice of the link of an expired domain to your main website, then you can achieve it by redirecting the old domain to your main website. A 301 redirection can be applied in order to do this.

Once again, If the expired domain has high SEO value through the links that have built up through the years, then all that SEO value would be transferred back to your main website.

Keep this in mind that, the domain name must be in a similar niche to your main site.

Selling it on Flippa

Flipping a domain or website is very popular way in 2021 to earn passive income. Once you buy an expired domain, immediately you can put in on some auction domain marketplace such as Flippa, Godaddy autions, etc to make some quick cash.

Alternatively, you can buy a high DA expired domain and add some quality content. After a couple of weeks when the website starts generating revenue, then you can cash it for some hefty profit.

Build an authoritative website

The most compelling reason for purchasing expired domains is the fact that Google views them as a possibly authoritative website. When many high quality backlinks are pointing to a certain domain it becomes way easier to setup a new website and begin getting traffic.

Hence when building a blog or website, you must consider acquiring a dominant expired domain rather than buying a new one.

Cons of buying expired domains

All that glitters is not gold

While expired domains can be good for your business, but buying any expired domain will do more harm than good. Hence, it is essential to know cons before purchasing a new expired domain.

  1. Many of the available expired domains are one which are penalized by Google, or owner might have used them for wrong reasons and didn’t wanted to renew that. Hence, many things must be checked to avoid screwing up such as Google penalty, backlink profile, domain history, etc.
  2. Since the competition for expired domains and the bids to purchase them often seem pretty high, you may spend precious time searching for a domain.
  3. Buying any expired domain won’t help you in building brand or even selling on auction marketplace. Expired domain should be brandable, and authentic.

Fortunately, Spamzilla helps you to avoid all cons while buying a quality domain without spending a lot of time.

Before you guys beat the clock and exit from the webpage, let’s start SpamZilla review now 🙂

SpamZilla Pricing – Do you need to pay through the nose?

Although SpamZilla free tier plan is available for everyone but it doesn’t contains all the required feature to buy a quality expired domain.

SpamZilla free plan provide you list of 25 expired domains with the all required quality matrices such as Moz DA & PA, domain age, price, Majestic TF & CF, etc. However, It doesn’t allows you to apply SZ Filters, or sorting options which are essential filter out penalized domains.

IMHO, SpamZill’s free plan is not up to the mark and useless to find expired domain. However, it gives you clarity on what matrices, sorting, filtering options you will get when you subscribe for paid plan.

SpamZilla offers just one paid option which cost you just $37 per month.

SpamZilla review by yoursuccesslaunch
SpamZilla review

SpamZilla Review

Finding an expired domain with spamzilla is pretty easy. You just have to enter the keyword which you are looking in the targeted domain.

SpamZilla review

Let’s start the case study for Sara.

Sara runs a local coffeehouse and she is planning to expand her venture and along with her coffeehouse, she also want to share her different kinds of coffee recipe with people around the world.

For that she is looking for a domain name.

However, she didn’t find a brandable domain available. Also, didn’t wanted to spend a lot of time and effort in SEO.

Let’s find a quality, brandable, and authoritative domain for Sara.

As she is looking for a domain for coffee recipes, so I am going to find keyword which contains ‘coffee’ to see what SpamZilla offers to us.

SpamZilla Search Result

Let’s take a look at different kinds of terminologies used in SpamZilla search result.

  • Domain : Name of the expired domain.
  • TF & CF : Majestic trust flow and citation flow. The Majestic Trust Flow is the quality of the links that point to the URLs and websites. Whereas, the Citation flow represents the quantity of the backlinks.
  • Majestic BL and RD : BL represents the total number of backlinks on root domain while RD is used for number of referring domains.

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